The Joke’s On You

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

I find it funny that you wanted a strong woman
one who had a bit of fire a spark
one who was compassionate, caring, and sweet
one who supported you and would help build you up

You had that, right in the palm of your hand but it was you who turned the woman down who would have loved you in just that way and who once was willing to settle for less than what she truly deserved you made her feel on top of the world, long, long ago but this woman could stand on her own without you…

Spring Blooms, Earth Breathes

Photo by Author

There is a time
just before the sun sets
and all the world is hushed
all that you can hear is the sound
of a gentle wind
and birds being called by their own
instinct to fly back to their nests at end of the day.

For just a brief second
a golden orb seems to kiss the earth
a flash and it is gone.

Much like love touches our hearts
momentarily helping us to forget pain
and embrace the what-ifs.

There is a coolness, the scent of Spring tickles our nose Earth has awakened, but now is ready to…

Poetry Sunday

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

There is a look on a woman’s face
and in her eyes
when everyone she loved
and believed in has lied
a look of sorrow
if there is a tomorrow
knowing not where to go
a broken heart
she dare not show

She is seeking a reason
something to give her a spark
she sits alone
waiting for the dark
nightfall covers tears
no one can see
it is a time when the world stops calling
and just lets her be

There is no pain in sleep there are dreams and memories she chooses to keep she tosses and…

Elaine Hamilton

Author, Photographer, Contributing Fashion & Lifestyle Writer.

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