Mornings With Maddox (Story 3)

Does your cat have a favorite toy?

Ever since Maddox was a kitten, he has held on to a favorite stuffed giraffe named George. It is the kind of old-fashioned toy that has crinkle paper inside of it, so it is squishy, but not overly…

Mornings With Maddox (Story 2)

Small, cozy spaces have always been a thing in my home; a place where one could curl up with a soft blanket and grab a favorite book, or plug in some headphones and listen to some lo-fi and just drift away. One of my favorite…

A few years back when I lived near Federal Way in WA, I used to love walking the trails from my apartment complex to a nearby park in the evenings. Every now and then I would venture to a coffee shop and do a little people-watching. This was pre-covid when…

Conversations of a cat mom-
Me: “This doesn’t look like catnip”
Also me: Sniffs catnip, “Ooh, this is really good catnip”
My Cat: Meows in agreement

We often have these little conversations, it is probably the best part of working from home because I have the chance to have more…

A Story of Corporate Shenanigans

As an aspiring author and former techie, I have had my share of career mishaps. I’ve done contract work, direct hires and have sat through many a training session only to be thrown to the wolves or left to dog paddle in the deep end…

Poetry Sunday

Cut from the same cloth
beliefs, heart, and soul
led by something bigger than what most others see
willing to learn, to share the same journey

I’m new to this
not used to an easy flow
it feels good after so many battles
not to have to run away to nurse wounds

Healing again
a kindred flame
Hope burns instead of tears
There are no red flags, we are on the same chapter, the same page

Elaine Hamilton

Author, Photographer, Contributing Fashion & Lifestyle Writer.

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