A Story of Corporate Shenanigans

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

As an aspiring author and former techie, I have had my share of career mishaps. I’ve done contract work, direct hires and have sat through many a training session only to be thrown to the wolves or left to dog paddle in the deep end of the pool. Usually, these jobs were live, with assistance in getting real classroom time, and then what one would call the duck pond, a place for newbies to learn how to do their job. I’ve climbed the ranks, did every awful shift from early to graveyard, paid my dues…

Poetry Sunday

Photo by Artur Rekstad on Unsplash

Cut from the same cloth
beliefs, heart, and soul
led by something bigger than what most others see
willing to learn, to share the same journey

I’m new to this
not used to an easy flow
it feels good after so many battles
not to have to run away to nurse wounds

Healing again
a kindred flame
Hope burns instead of tears
There are no red flags, we are on the same chapter, the same page

Elaine Hamilton

Author, Photographer, Contributing Fashion & Lifestyle Writer.

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